Creating and Editing Collaborative Events with Google Calendar

Organizing an event with a bunch of people can be challenging. You can make it effortless by using Google Calendar. You and your guests will need free Google accounts for this to work. Create Gcal event.egg by aykhwang on Aviary

First, we’ll create a new event on Google Calendar called ‘Christmas Party’.

Pic 2.egg by aykhwang on Aviary

Then, click on it to edit it.

Pic 3.egg by aykhwang on Aviary

You can change your event’s date, location, and description here. You can also edit what guests can view this event…

Pic 4.egg by aykhwang on Aviary

Click ‘Add Guests’ to add guests to your event.

Pic 5.egg by aykhwang on Aviary

Once you’re a guest, you can change information about the event and RSVP for the event. It’s easy to see the vital information of the party, like time and location.

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