How to Change Your Dock on Mac [video version]


Creating and Editing Collaborative Events with Google Calendar

Organizing an event with a bunch of people can be challenging. You can make it effortless by using Google Calendar. You and your guests will need free Google accounts for this to work. Create Gcal event.egg by aykhwang on Aviary

First, we’ll create a new event on Google Calendar called ‘Christmas Party’.

Pic 2.egg by aykhwang on Aviary

Then, click on it to edit it.

Pic 3.egg by aykhwang on Aviary

You can change your event’s date, location, and description here. You can also edit what guests can view this event…

Pic 4.egg by aykhwang on Aviary

Click ‘Add Guests’ to add guests to your event.

Pic 5.egg by aykhwang on Aviary

Once you’re a guest, you can change information about the event and RSVP for the event. It’s easy to see the vital information of the party, like time and location.

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Twitter Hacked!

At 10 o'clock P.M. last night, Twitter was reportedly hacked by the 'Iranian Cyber Army'. They had access to comprised DNS records which allowed them to redirect site for some while. Twitter is back to normal now, but make sure to change your Twitter password just in case. If your username and passwords on other sites are the same as your Twitter ones (which they shouldn't be), change those too!

Video Tutorial about Dropbox [cross-compatible]

Hi guys, I have just made a how-to video about Dropbox, a tool I use almost everyday for school. Tell me what you think!

more about “Dropbox Beginning Tutorial on Vimeo“, posted with vodpod

Get VirusBarrier X by Sharing Nanobundle on Facebook!



To share the love of the Macheist nanobundle, just click on the link at the top of It’ll share a little message on your Facebook page about the Macheist nanobundle. If you don’t know what the Macheist nanobundle is, check it out fast before it runs out!


Macheist Nanobundle

Signal Patterns finds Your Characteristics Based on a Bunch of Questions

I tried using the Signal Patterns Personality Test, and it works, and it’s really cool. Those traits in the images are mine, and they all apply to me very well.

To get to this point, you have to take a (about) 30 question page with questions like:

“You are always like to win and aren’t satisfied by ‘getting along'”

You answer the question based on how much this is like yourself, ranging from “Opposite of Me” to “This is Me”

Try it, and see what you turn up with!

Signal Patterns Personality Test

Macheist Nanobundle a Free Bundle of Awesome Apps

Macheist is now giving out a free software bundle worth $150! It includes good apps like Twitterific, WriteRoom (which I’m using to type this right now), TinyGrab, and Shovebox. TinyGrab is a dead-simple solution to taking screenshots on mac, instantly uploading to a server. Shovebox allows you to take small notes on what you don’t want to forget later, featuring a beautiful interface and seamless integration with the mac operating system.

There is also an app called Hordes of Orcs which I’ve never heard of. I guess if you like that kind of game you would like this.

Mariner Write, a great premium word processor with minimalistic features, will be free for everyone once 500,000 people have signed up. So go ahead and try it!

Macheist gives most of its proceeds to charity, so you can do this with a good feeling in your mind :)

Macheist Nanobundle


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